Monday, August 19, 2013

Exploring the Island

Beach Drive

In between job hunting and trying to find cheap furnishings for the apartment, Jon and I have been exploring Vancouver Island little by little. I am constantly surprised what beautiful sights there are to be seen with a 10, 20 minute drive from our apartment. 

Beautiful and shallow underwater world. 

We haven't done a lot of the touristy things yet, mostly because they're expensive and scoping out beautiful landscapes is free (if you don't count the gas used sometimes to get there). While we do intend on checking out Buchart Gardens, The Empress Hotel, and the Royal BC History Museum, I feel a much stronger pull to take in the beautiful sites of what will be our home for the next four years first. The Empress Hotel's high tea will always be there, but what we see on a certain day at a certain time on the island will be completely different on another day and at another time. 

Banana slug

Pebble beach at Devonian Regional Park

Washington in the distance

The nature around here is so different from the east coast of the US. The water is much clearer everywhere we've gone, beautiful snow-capped mountains can be seen often in the distance, and the old growth temperate rain forests give a sense of fairy magic everywhere we go. I might be romanticizing this a bit, but I cannot get over how beautiful it is here and how much of it there is to be seen. 

Swimming at the Sooke Potholes 

Only a 40 minute drive from downtown Victoria!

I love living here

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