Saturday, August 3, 2013

Badlands: I Refuse to Make a Bad Pun

The entrance! We made it!

Badlands welcomes us with fantastic views and ended up being one of the many highlights of our trip. We had stunning weather the whole time that only emphasized the lush plains, the craggly rock formations and amazing stripes in the formations. I had originally planned a trip to the Badlands with a friend a number of years ago, and while I remembered researching the park then and finding photos of it before our trip, nothing could prepare me for the awesome, unique, and strangely beautiful canyons and plateaus. While we didn't see much wildlife here, we saw many beautiful plants and the stars were unbelievable at night.

Playing in the park

Stripes in the canyon

Pulled over to scope out some of the rocks

Mr. Adventure

This was the first time that we got to use our tent, which turned out to be perfect for our needs. It kept us dry, relatively warm, and snuggly. I couldn't be happier with that investment.

Mid-day nap

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