Monday, June 24, 2013

Looking Forward: Victoria & Vancouver Island

The Inner Harbor with the British Columbia Parliament Buildings

So the purpose of this blog is to give myself a creative outlet while I prepare and move to Victoria, BC. As mentioned in the first post, my husband Jon was accepted to a PhD program there, so we're packing up everything and moving west. We've never been there (the closest we've been was Portland, Oregon!) but from what I've seen and heard it's supposed to be beautiful. I'm an avid adventurer and with the moderate climate there should be hiking and camping available all year round on this mostly remote island. There seems to be a lot of water sporting to be had, lots of hiking on a mid-sized mountain range, and access to beautiful parks and trails.

Victoria itself is mostly known as a vacation town, with the motto that it's for "the newly wed and nearly dead." Its retired population is reportedly large, but with a lot of younger hippie-types enjoying the beauty of the island. I'm a little worried about finding work there, but the island will probably offer a lot of distractions if I'm unemployed for a bit.

Butchart Gardens

Downtown Victoria

Juan de Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island

Orca Whale Watching off the Coast of Vancouver Island

Long Beach, Vancouver Island

Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island

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