Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello and Welcome

General Statement of Intent: I'm starting this blog to document my progress moving from Boston to Philadelphia, and then Philadelphia to Victoria, BC. Along the way, I will post some of my favorite recipes (vegetarian, mostly vegan, largely gluten-free), cute outfits, adventures, travelling, feminist issues, photography, and whatever else I might find aesthetically pleasing or interesting. While I don't imagine this blog to be too much like a diary, I hope it to be a creative outlet during a time that I consider to be the most emotionally fraught and exciting time of my life.

Why Boston? Why Philly? Why Victoria?: I moved up from the Philadelphia area to Boston back in 2011 to start a graduate program in English composition. My boyfriend, now husband, eventually followed and moved up from South Carolina. We eloped back in March (2013), shortly after he found out he was accepted to a PhD program in Victoria, BC. We'll be road tripping from Philly to Victoria during the last week in July and intend on hitting up some cool spots. I'm thrilled and nervous to start this big adventure with the love of my life and best friend. We have yet to find an apartment and I have yet to find a job, so I might post some ups and downs during that process here.

Your interests seem a bit scattered. Why write about all of them? I'm not sure if I'll end up touching on every single thing that I mentioned in my statement of purpose, but these are things that interest me. I imagine I'll be reposting things that I've found via RedditPinterest, and Feministing, and also some original content. To put it simply, this will be a lifestyle blog to encompass my lifestyle and possibly (hopefully!) the lifestyle of others.

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