Monday, October 7, 2013

The Quintessential Autumn Scarf

Anyone who knows me knows about my small... alright, admittedly large obsession with fall layers, particularly hats and scarves. I've been known to compulsively purchase scarves if they catch my eye, and I once remember an occasion of going into my future supervisor's home to find a scarf she just crocheted and demanded that she sell it to me. When Jon and I moved out here we had to vacuum seal all of my fall/winter accessories, and he asked that I possibly weed out a few. I could only detach myself from two or three from my precious collection, but I fully intend on replacing them while out here. 

I feel like scarves add some polish to an otherwise blah outfit (I like to sometimes pair a funky scarf with a t-shirt and jeans) and oftentimes I love the scarf I chose so much that I don't remove it upon entering the indoors. There's also something comforting and cozy about a soft scarf wrapped up around my shoulders and neck that keeps the fall chill off. Vive la scarf! 

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