Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alberaldo Morell

While Jon and I were road tripping, we stopped by the Chicago Art Institute to see what they had in store. While on our way out, my eye happened to catch a photography exhibit and we decided to check it out. Alberaldo Morell, whom I had never heard of before, is a photographer that experiments with camera obscura. I've never messed around with this photo technique myself, but I knew of it from a photographer friend who had experimented with it before and from one of my favorite bands

While I understood the basic concept of camera obscura rooms (which layers the reversed outside image [taken from the light outside] onto an interior wall), Morell also experimented with using a "tent camera", which superimposed images of the ground of the tent onto the scenery outside. The result is hauntingly beautiful and I couldn't have been happier with stumbling upon this exhibit!

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