Saturday, November 8, 2014


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Lately as I browse through blogs and enter new restaurants, I notice that minimalism has become "the" thing. I see photographs of chic apartments with tons of negative space and barebones decor with usually that one accent piece. Simple, pattern-less clothing cuts accented by simple shoes. White, black, and grey reign.


Stuff in too many books into that bookshelf, throw in *way* too many plants that are needed, mix patterns and prints, and add about five more-than-necessary pictures on the wall and I'm digging it. Call it "bohemian" or "busy", but we all know it's clutter.

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I feel like with a home full of clutter, it has a story to tell. Things from bygone trips and old friends hang up on the wall or sit as bowls on the counter, and everything has some sort of history. I like places that look lived in, and make me want to get to know the people living there.

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