Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Year Wedding Anniversary!

Just married!

There was only two short days between my parents' leaving and me and Jon's anniversary! One year ago on the 18th Jon and I were married in Portland and it's been a crazy, romantic, and happy journey ever since. I feel so lucky to have such a creative, loving, and inquisitive man as my partner who is always adding to my perspective on life. He has taught me so many things, and I continue to learn from him about life and myself. It's weird-- while I didn't know I would marry him when I met him (although I did have an inexplicable hunch), I knew something about him, about us, was different than any other person I had met before. The crazy chemistry and connection we immediately had that slowly blossomed into the loving understanding and sincere respect we have for one another told me that Jon was someone special, and someone I wanted to be around all the time. 

Getting hitched and stuff.

That's not to say that this past year hasn't also been hard at times; it may have been one of the hardest that I've faced. This past year I finished up my masters' thesis (which was horribly stressful), Jon was declined and accepted into PhD programs, we moved across country, I was unemployed, Jon faced tough times adjusting to student life, all while we both struggled with long-standing inner demons. But these problems, like anything, has showed me how supportive we can be of one another and how much we have learned from each other. 

At our reception picnic that following July.

Okay, all that serious crap aside, what I really wanted to post was the cute decorations I put up for the special occasion! Jon and I had initially planned some fantastic adventure for the day, but due to his work load from school, our fabulous adventure to spend the night in tree houses, exploring caves, or possibly taking a ferry over to a remote island dwindled to ordering Chinese take-out at home. Which, in the long run, was a lot less stressful and more relaxing than those other adventures. In any case, I decided to make some cute decorations to celebrate this past year! 

Entrance hallway with what is that...?

... Adorable book heart garland! (Not books of merit were harmed in the making of this garland)

Darn back-lit window makes it hard to read, but it says: "03 <3 18 <3 13."

Green and yellow streamers with a bonus Clemens (the orange triangle streamers are there all year round).

Final touches: tea lights around some pretty (nearly dead) carnations!

I wanted to take the time and thank my friend Skjelse for helping me with crafting up these decorations and giving me the space to do it! I was trying to be as incognito as possible, and her and Jeff's apartment was the perfect place.

The next time I'll post will be about our upcoming adventure to Tofino for the Pacific Rim Whale Fest! Woohoo!

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